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Judge Mr. Brace
Mango, Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan J.W,wins her junior class.and short listed to last four in the Challenge.
His critic about Mango :
6 months gold who excels on the move as she has such a free, easy & springy way of going.
Quality head with classic eye & expression, beautifully balanced outline with good neck, firm backline, great angles front & back.
Tail could have a better ring but is perfectly set & carried.
 In spanking condition & should make up easily with full maturity;

Int. Show Maastricht & Int. Show Zwolle

Judges Mr. Doedijns, Mr. Jipping & Mr. Wiersma
Mango, Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan J.W., Is on holday in Holland with her staff, she was unbeaten in the junior class
and gained her Dutch Junior Champion title
and is half way her Dutch Champion title as well !

Int. Show Charleroi
Judge Mr. Dupas
Bambi, MCH Popovs Bombalurina, wins 3 out of 3 in Belgium!
Now in her waiting time for her Belgoum Champion title till July 2016 ;)

Nat. Show Porvoo
Judge Mr. Vuorinen
Sabiya, CH Popovs In White Satin, won
Best Of Breed!!

Int. Libramont “Green Dog Show”
Judge Mr. DeHaes
Bambi, MCH Popovs Bombalurina,  finnished yet another title her
International Champion by winning BOS with the CAC & CACIB
(first attemp after her waiting time)

Sighthound show Köln
Judge Mr. Brandt
Bambi, MCH Popovs Bombalurina,  finnish another title
German DWZRV Champion by winning her last needed CAC.

Sighthound specialty Hochdahl
Mrs. Rohrer
Kofi, JCH. Popovs Chocolatero, just 15 months wins huge & her first intermediate class with the
Bambi, MCH Popovs Bombalurina, wins her last needed VDH (new German VDH Champin), CAC (DWZRV), BOS title LandesSieger NRW’15 & BOB
Brother Rhett, CH Popovs Bustopher Jones, wins the open class and the CAC (DWZRV)

In. Dogshow Bremen
Mrs. Sanaschenko

Bambi, JCH Popovs Bombalurina, won VDH, CAC (DWZRV) & CACIB while going BOS, next she was resvere Best Female.
She is now in her waiting time for her International Champion.
Dolly, Sunshine v.d. Pacific Paradise, made her debute by winning her class & the

Int. Dogshow Rotterdam
Judge Mr.  Burton/AUS
Dash, Zelakozia Zayme Zorro , finnished his
Dutch Junior Champion title by going Reserve Best Male!

Int. Dogshow Rotterdam
Judge Mrs. Bleij
Willo, Popovs WilliWaw, finnished his
Dutch Junior Championtitle in style by going BOB
Rhett, JCH Popovs Bustopher Jones, went reseve Best Male which was enough to gain his
Dutch Champion title.

Dutch Sighthound specialty
Judge Mr. DeHaes
BIS judge Mrs. Janzon
First attemp after a loooong waitingtime Bambi, JCH Popovs Bombalurina, finnished her
Dutch Champion title in style

by winning BOB & in the selection for the BIS
with the CAC was Raizo, JCH Popovs Marquis de Canteclaer
JCAC for Willo, Popovs WilliWaw

Photos by Kynoweb, my mom, Gwen Waynet, Tineke Krol, THANK YOU!!!

Int. Show Genk/Belgium
Judge Mr. Harsónyi
Bambi, JCH Popovs Bombalurina, won the

NVOW Champion clubshow
Judge Mrs. Maerki
We had only Ice, MCH Popovs RockStar & Kofi, JCH Popovs Chocolatero with us.
Ice was shown by our new handler Boy ;-) and ended second in the veteran class behind Xero & Kofi went
Other NVOW results open class males :

1 ex JCH Popovs Rum Tum Tugger (owner Valesca Renses)

2 ex JCH Popovs Bustopher Jones (owner Hendriks Anita)

Veteran class males :

1 ex MCH Popovs One Of A Kind (owner Emily Veeke)

Open class females:

3 ex JCH Popovs Sillabub (owner Lia Vaags-Kerkhof)

Junior class females :

1 ex JBOB JCH Popovs Chocolatero

3 ex Popovs Haizebeltza (owner Hanny Brakenhoff)

Working class females :

2 ex JCH Popovs La Baronesse (owner Jan Schriever)

Int. Oss
Judge Mrs. Gregoire

Zelakozia Zayme Zorro “Dash” won again the junior class and JCAC & ended as reseve Best Male (with the CAC)
Popovs Chocolatero, Kofi, won her last needed JCAC by going again  
Best Bitch (with teh CAC).
She completed her
Dutch Junior Chamion title and is in her waiting time for her Dutch Champion title!

Int. Arnhem
Judge Mr. Coppens
We had our debute with our special young import boy co-owned together with Sabrina Westerveld Zelakozia Zayme Zorro “Dash”
Dash is a Ralph son and a grandson of our King Kong.
He won the junior class anbd

Clubmnatch KC Scheldenzoom
judge Mrs. Kersenberg & Dhr. Hoenderken
Willo, Popovs WilliWaw, had more than just practise fun, he went all the way to
Best in Show!!

Hochdahl - GER
Judge Mr Prior
Xero, MCH Popovs One Of A Kind, finnished his
German Veteran Champion title by going BOB Veteran

Afghan Hound Association - UK
Judge Mr McPhillips
BIS Judge Mrs Pascoe
Mango, Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan imp NLD winning
1st Puppy Bitch 1st Novice BItch. Best Puppy bitch
and then went on to win
Best Puppy in Show and at 11mths old she also gained her Junior Warrant

Mad Ratters of Ohio barn hunt trial, Suzette, Popovs Purrfection at Cayblu RN JC OA OAJ RATN,  
earned her third qualifying score in the Open Class and a first place,

becoming the FIRST Afghan Hound to achieve the Open title with the Barn Hunt Association!!

Then, on Sunday, she earned a double qualifying score in the Masters Class at AKC agility in Michigan.

Munster - Germany
Judge Mr Münstermann
Xero, MCH Popovs One Of A Kind, gained another
VetCAC in style by going Vet BOB - BOB & Vet BIS

Chemnitz - Germany
Judge Mr Baumann
Ice (MCH Popovs RockStar) & we are extremly proud on his latest
Best In Show winning daughter JCH Khemany de Jawo-Sha

Well Done Erica & Khemany

Gauteng - South Africa
Judge Mr. Satoshi
CH. Popovs Catwoman wins her first
CACIB in style by going BOB
Popovs Brisa Briza wins JBOB-4th JBOG at the same show

Chocolade coursing - Axel
JCH Popovs La Baronesse, wins again the coursing with CACIL

Int. Show Goes
Judge Mr. Van Iersel

Popovs WilliWaw, gained not only his first
JCAC but also the Res. CAC

and his sister Benelux JW'15 Popovs Chocolatero won her second JCAC & BOS with the CAC.

Sighthound Show Köln
Judge Mrs. Peschges
MCH Popovs One Of A Kind, was shown for the first time as a veteran in Germany : BOB & Veteran Best In Show!

At the coursing field, JCH Popovs La Baronesse

, won the Tulpen Coursing with the CACIL.

Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan wins Res. Best Puppy In Show

South Africa
JCH Popovs CatWoman, won her last needed CAC and can call herself now South African Champion

Northern Afghan Hound Championshow
Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan wins Best Puppy In Show

Benelux Winner - Int. Show Groningen
Judge Mr. Wibier
BIS Judge Mrs. Loch-Romans
Kofi, Popovs Chocolatero, starts her junior carear with 9 months & few days and the title
Benelux Junior Winner 2015
and Reserve Best Junior In Show

Finally time to share our weekend brags around the globe for our “Wind” & "Cats" babies :


Popovs BadISad OBist Roz : BOB Puppy

South Africa

Popovs Brisa Briza : BOB Puppy & 4th BOG Puppy

half sister JCH Popovs CatWoman : BOB


Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan : BOB puppy & Res. Best Of Breed

The Netherlands

Popovs Chocolatero : BOB puppy & 3th BIS Puppy (pictured)

and half sister JCH Popovs Bombalurina : BOS with the CAC & CACIB

We are very thankful & proud for all the hard work the great devoted owners do for “our” puppies!

Onze Hond nr 2 -2015
We had an interview for the magazine Onze Hond

Dutch Dog Of The Year Show
Judge Mr. Buitenkamp
We were quite proud that 3 of the 4 qualified Afghans where Popovs
the young littermater JCH Popovs Bustopher Jones & JCH Popovs Bombalurina
they had company of the golden oldie MCH Popovs One Of A Kind who ended as
Reserve Best Sighthound of the year


Judge Mrs. Holder
Mango, Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan, wins 1ste Minor Puppy, 1ste Puppy & RBPIS

Proud to announce we finish 2014 with the
# 1 Afghan Hound in The Netherlands our young lady JCH Popovs Bombalurina &
# 1 Afghan Hound male in The Netherlands for golden oldie MCH. Popovs One Of A Kind.
Quite unique young & old in the lead of the toplist, Bambi winning most of her wins from the junior class
and Xero winning most of his wins from the veteran class. Proud breeders!!

New Year, new website!
Still not totally finished but hopefully will be soon.